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Here at Hull Website Design we work very hard in partnership with our clients to produce attractive & affordable web design in Hull with websites and marketing campaigns that work every time. With a solid background in traditional website design & SEO online marketing, we deliver modern web design that always comes first in Kingston Upon Hull.
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Top 10 Web Design Facts That All Web Designers Should Know in 2019!

So you've been searching for web design in Hull and clicked on our website to see if we can help you with a new web design? Let's work on the assumption that many of you will have an idea of how you want your website to look but do not know the first thing about how a website design should be constructed.
You may not be aware of this but you could have 2 web designs side by side that look identical but under the hood one of the websites may have been poorly optimised. Poorly optimised websites are not looked upon favourably by Google or any other search engines for that matter.
To help you decide which web design company you should choose we have compiled a list of the top 10 web design facts that ALL proclaimed web designers should know when building a website for you in 2019...

Fact 1. Website Loading Speed

Slow website loading speed often happens because of poorly placed code and uncompressed images. When a page takes too long to load users tend to get bored and search for another website, which will loose you business and valuable Google ranking points.

Fact 2. Website Persona

Every web design needs to be planned in a way that results in a clean and uncluttered website; this sends out a clear message to the user about it's persona.

Fact3. HTML5 & CSS3

In the same way that grammar is used in the English language, a website uses various different coding languages such as 'HTML5 & CSS3' which also need to have the correct semantic structure; the better the structure, the happier Google and other search engines will be.

Fact 4. Responsive Web Design

Back in the day a website would have fixed a width of about 968 pixels; this caused design and layout issues, especially on mobile devices because they were only about 500 pixels wide, then along came 'Responsive Web Design'. Responsive web design enables websites to be built using percentages instead of pixels; this meant that the dimensions and style of a website can be made to adapt to fit any device. Google favours responsive websites over static websites!

Fact 5. Google Anylitics

You can easily embed a piece of code that parses information to 'Google Analytics' (anylitcal software) about your website's performance and audience demographics. Using Google Analytics in 2019 is definitely looked upon favourably by 'Rankbrain' (Googles brain!).

Fact 6. Website SEO

The days of Black hat SEO are over which means that keyword stuffing is a complete waste of time. It takes far more than the implementation of a few keywords to make a website rank! There are a whole host of variables that should be considered when trying to get a website on the first page of Google, all of which are far too numerous to mention in this paragraph.

Fact 7. Flat UX Web Design

In the early days of web design you would see website with flashing text, images and garish colour schemes. Luckily things have changed in 2019 because UX Web Design website design lends itself to being minimalistic, clean and flat with the clever usage of space, making for an altogether better user experience.

Fact 8. Website Links

Having reciprocal website links from your website to related social media accounts is imperative; think of these links as 'Umbilical Chords' that carry metaphorical page ranking helium back to your website. Each post that you make with a link back to your website, will have an accumulative positive ranking effect.

Fact 9. Fresh Content

There is certainly no point in having a website if you are not going to add fresh content regularly; Google frowns upon stagnant websites because it makes for a bad user experience.

Fact 10. Google My Business

Last but not least, fact number 10 should not be ignored! If you haven’t already, get a Google My Business page and link it to your website because this link is the most powerful one of all. Furthermore, you get to show up on Google twice; firstly with your website, and secondly on Google Maps.

As we are sure you're beginning to realise, having a professionally constructed web design in 2019 should result in a website's beauty being far more than just skin deep!!

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5.0 9 reviews
Bell and Higgins Timber Hull

Made us a fantastic website, the service was brilliant, was very helpful in every way. The website went to the top of google straight away, can't ask for any more, must use him, would highly recommend! Mark Cobley, Managing Director

Kim B

Very helpful and very patient when showing me how to add items to our shop. Easy to use web design.

Minibus 8

Built my taxi site for me great site showed me how to do my seo and linked it to google reviews great guy thanks James from at 618 taxis hull

Steve Mennell

Top man, looked after us at the right money. Highly recomended

Health Hub Publishing Limited

A very responsive and professional service. Can highly recommend James. Brilliant!

The Wright Car

James is a very competent young man who designed my website some time ago. I have had nothing but compliments on the site from my customers that have used it I can recommend James for his quality work and feel that his skills are under priced and would advise anyone to approach him as soon as possible before he recognises his worth My Google rating is constantly on the first page and I recognise that James has been a main contributor to this.

TYH Energy

Absolutely brilliant our website was up and running within 2 weeks nothing was too much trouble, was given great advice and our website was designed and built hassle free all we had to do was supply photographs, I would highly recommend and will definitely be using James again in the near future outstanding service.

Platform Properties

Took some finding But worth it James could not have been more helpful and informative James has now done two sites for me all individually coded and ranking already and at sensible prices. I have done the leg work for you look no further.

Signs and Grafix

Had my site built by Hull Website Design. They designed it exactly to my requirements & nothing was to much trouble. The site is doing well in the rankings. Can't ask for any more. Five stars.

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